CREASEDRAINBOWS (creasedrainbows) wrote in no_self_esteem,

That's my new $30 shirt.

I'm starting to wear my hair down, again.

My lovely glasses.

They look so much better like this, wouldn't you say?

These were taken before I went to get my license.

I was going to go out on a hot date afterwards.

Note: My really neat shirt. The skirt I was wearing with it, makes it look like a dress.

I'm debating the makeup issue.

I'm so very pale.

I really loved my hair that day; it was going to look stunning in my license picture.

I hope to live to see the camera that is put into ones eye.


I love how my hair looks red. Not.

This is after: My mom brought the wrong form to the DMV; I couldn't find any bags at the thrift stores; I couldn't get my skirt off; and couldn't go to dinner due to lack of a license.

I love my hands.

Ben and I.


These last few are from school.

Heather rocks!

Some kids at lunch.

Jeremy in 6th period!

How I stay sane on the bus.

My bus window in the morning.

Some of my back pack.

Oh and, this isnt from school, but:

Mom and puppy!

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honey. i need to be stamped...still. but in other pics and yes heather does rock.
♥ Jennay
wtf, i never stamped you???

wow *shoots self*

I really don't want to go looking for your post, so please consider yourself very much accecpted.