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-Name: Anna!
-Age: 17, next month. (I look like I'm 12, I know...)
-How did you hear about this community?: Ashley (fuzzykins3221) demanded I join and I love her.
-Why should we accept you?: 1. I've got a camera and lots of time for missions (Which are awesome photo set ideas), 2. I'm brutally honest but really nice about it (most of the time...), and 3. I hate bananas (My name does rhyme with banana but this does not mean I like them.)
-Are you going to be active?: You know I will be. - Well, take my word for it ;)
-Promote us somewhere and give us proof you did so: Once/If I get accepted I'll do more, but for now...
(Opps, she's friends only so you'll have to just trust me or ask for a screen shot. Sorry!)

Pen 15 club, represent. (I'm gullable)

Dramatic mirror shot.

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